Altar Server

Glossary / A / Altar Server

An altar server is a member of the church who assists in the preparation and execution of liturgical ceremonies, primarily during Mass or other services within the Catholic Church, but also in Anglican, Lutheran, and other Christian denominations.

Altar servers are known asĀ acolytes.

These individuals perform various duties such as carrying the cross, candles, and incense, presenting the bread, wine, and water to the priest for the Eucharist, and assisting the priest with the liturgical book.

Altar servers may be of any age, starting from children who have received their First Holy Communion to adults. The role of an altar server is a privileged way to participate in the sacred liturgy and to deepen one’s understanding of and devotion to the religious service.

It is a role that fosters a sense of service, discipline, and teamwork, while also offering a unique opportunity to be closer to the altar and the central acts of worship.