The Daily One Minute Prayer of The Divine Manifestation

Welcome to our dedicated page of one-minute manifestation prayers, designed to enrich your daily life with divine gifts. Manifest wealth, love and abundance into your life.

Each prayer is crafted to be brief yet powerful, allowing you to easily integrate them into your busy routine.

By committing just one minute each day to these prayers, you open your heart to the potential of miracles and the possibility of profound transformation.

These concise invocations are meant to align your spirit with the divine, helping you to attract blessings, abundance, and peace.

Whether you seek guidance, health, prosperity, or inner peace, these prayers provide a spiritual touchstone that can bring remarkable changes to your life.

Let each day be a step closer to the divine as you manifest your highest good through the simple yet profound act of prayer.

#1 – Wealth, Health, Love and Abundance Prayer

Say this once a day with truth and conviction in your voice, mind and heart.

Divine Essence, source of all abundance, I call upon Your infinite grace to manifest health, wealth, love, and abundance in my life.

Bless my body with vitality and strength. Cleanse me, renew me, and protect me, making every cell in my body a vessel of wellness.

Open the gates of prosperity for me. Allow financial stability to flow into my life, and empower me to use these resources wisely and generously.

Fill my heart with unconditional love. Help me to forge deep, meaningful connections, nurturing compassion and understanding in all my relationships.

Shower me with abundance that enriches my spirit and nourishes my soul. Let me recognize the plentiful gifts that surround me each day.

I trust in Your divine timing and wisdom. With gratitude, I accept these blessings, ready to receive and share Your divine gifts.