Saint Kevin of Glendalough

Saint Kevin of Glendalough was born in the year 498 in West Wicklow, Ireland and died in the year 618. He is also known as Coemgen, which means fair begotten in Irish. He was confirmed as a saint in 1903 by Pope Pius X. At a young age he was sent to study under the … Read more

Saint Brigid

St. Brigid is one of the three patron saints of Ireland. You might see her name listed as Brigid of Ireland or Brigid of Kildare in honor of her roots. You can find out about the work that she did during her life and how she helped those in her home country in this article. … Read more

St. Odrian

An Undocumented Saint? The 1974 edition of The Lives of the Saints does not list a “St. Odrian”, or anyone with a similar version of that name. However, some online websites do refer incorrectly to an individual named Odrian as a Catholic Saint. For example, the website describes a St. Odrian as a Bishop … Read more

Saint Gibrian

Saint Gibrian was the eldest of ten children born in Ireland in the late 5th century A.D. There were 7 brothers and 3 sisters, all of whom traveled from Ireland to France where they first settled in Brittany before moving to the Chalons-sur-Marne region where there still exists a small commune named for St. Gibrian. … Read more

St Declan

Born in Drumoe, near Cappoquin, Declan of Ardmore hailed from a wealthy family. As a young man, he set sail for Rome, where he was personally taught by the pope. After returning to Ireland, he met fellow Irish minister, Saint Patrick. Even though Saint Declan preceded Saint Patrick in their shared mission to bring the … Read more

St Becan

St Becan was an Irish hermit who lived in Cork, Ireland in the 6th Century. He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and founded a monastery at Kill-Beggan in Westmeath, Ireland. The monastery then went on to become a Cistercian Abbey.  He is a relative of St. Columba and has a parish in … Read more

St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette was a woman from France who saw apparitions as a young woman. She died at the young age of 35 and is now a saint in the Catholic Church. In this article, we’ll cover her life and why she became a saint. Interesting Facts About St. Bernadette *Feast Day: April 16 *Patron Saint … Read more