Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent – Day 32

“Do me justice, O Lord, because I am just, and because of the innocence that is mine. Let the malice of the wicked come to an end, but sustain the just, O searcher of heart and soul, O just God.” (Psalm 7:9-10)

READING: John 7:40-44

40 Some of the crowd who had been listening said, ‘He is indeed the prophet,’

and some said, ‘He is the Christ,’ but others said, ‘Would the Christ come from Galilee?

Does not scripture say that the Christ must be descended from David and come from Bethlehem, the village where David was?’

So the people could not agree about him.

Some wanted to arrest him, but no one actually laid a hand on him.


The Pharisees were surprised that common people did not see that Jesus wasn’t the messiah. They believed Jesus was from Galilee, and he was a false prophet. But they were wrong. Jesus was not from Galilee, and he was indeed the Son of God. We must be on our guard, not to be like the Pharisees.

Lord, help me hold my tongue when I wish to judge others because they are different from me.

I will reflect and think of a time I judged someone unfairly because they were different from me. I will humbly ask God to forgive me. I will do my best to avoid doing such a thing again.

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