St. Fanchea

Saint Fanchea of Rossory, recognized across various Christian denominations, was a notable figure in early Christian Ireland, born into nobility as one of Conall Derg of Oriel’s four daughters. Choosing a life of religious devotion over secular nobility, she founded the Rossory Monastery on the shores of Lough Erne with her sister Darenia’s assistance. Fanchea … Read more

A List of Irish Saints

Below is an A to Z list of Irish Saints. This list of Irish saints aims to provide a general overview of the saints who were born in Ireland or who are revered there.  The majority of these saints lived in early Christian Ireland, from the fourth to the tenth centuries, a time when the … Read more

Clement of Alexandria A.D. 150 – c. 215

His full name, Titus Flavius Clemens, is given by Eusebius and Photius in the title of the Stromateis. The remarkable coincidence of the name with that of the nephew of Vespasian and consul in 95 cannot have been accidental, but we have no direct evidence of Clement’s connection with the imperial Flavian family. Perhaps he … Read more

Saint Ignatius A.D. c. 50-117

Ignatius, St. (called Theophorus), Oct. 17, the 2nd bp. of Antioch (c. 70–c. 107), between Evodius and Hero. He is sometimes reckoned the 3rd bishop, St. Peter being reckoned the first. The question of the life and writings of Ignatius, including the connected subject of the Ep. of Polycarp to the Philippians, has been described … Read more

Saint Polycarpus

Polycarpus, bishop of Smyrna, one of the most prominent figures in the church of the 2nd century. He owes this prominence less to intellectual ability, which does not appear to have been pre-eminent, than to the influence gained by a consistent and unusually long life. Born some 30 years before the end of the 1st … Read more

St Columbanus

St Columbanus was a missionary in Ireland known as Columbanus before becoming a saint. Many historians know him for his work in encouraging others to confess their sins and the monasteries that he established in Italy and France. This article will look at some of the surviving details about the life of St Columbanus. Quick … Read more

St. Colmcille ( Columba )

St. Colmcille or St Columba, was one of several men who lived and worked in Ireland during the sixth century and later became saints. He is the patron saint of Derry, which was where he spent most of his life. We’ll address the life and times of Colmcille as well as the Churches that recognize … Read more

St Brendan

Known as St. Brendan the Navigator and Brendan of Clonfert, this Catholic saint was Irish and remembered for his travels. Many churches and schools around the world use his name, especially those in Ireland the United States. We created this article to help you learn more about the life and times of St. Brendan.   … Read more

St Ita

St Ita is a patron saint who worked as a nun in Ireland for many years. Many pray to her when dealing with eye diseases, but she’s also a popular saint for pregnant women. This article will go over the life and sainthood of St. Ita. Interesting Facts About St Ita *Feast Day: January 15 … Read more

St Owen

St. Owen was a Benedictine monk who dies in 680 A.D. His feast day is on March 4th. Bede mentions St. Owen as a monk of great faith. He gave up opportunities for a distinguished career to serve God instead. When he came with Queen Etheldreda from East Anglia, he was the governor of her … Read more