Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent – Day 31

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; and those who are crushed in spirit he saves. Many are the troubles of the just man, but out of them all the Lord delivers him.” (Psalm 34:19-20)

READING: John 7:25-26

25 Meanwhile some of the people of Jerusalem were saying, ‘Isn’t this the man they want to kill?

And here he is, speaking openly, and they have nothing to say to him! Can it be true the authorities have recognised that he is the Christ?


When Jesus went to Jerusalem, he knew there were many who wished to kill him. But God willed that Jesus should go and preach, and be offered as a sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. Knowing what his fate would be, Jesus still preached openly next to the temple. We too are called to be courageous witnesses of God, in spite of our fears.

Lord, give me the courage to remain faithful in spite of peer pressure and the fear of embarrassment. Let me follow you, even when society suggests I should not.

I will make an effort to remember to always be a witness to Christ, and a faithful Catholic. I will remain steadfast, even when others suggest I should deny my faith and follow another path.

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